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Essay on Opportunity Cost And The Free Market - 1736 Words

OPPORTUNITY COST THE FREE MARKET Scarcity is one of the most basic and crucial points to understand in microeconomics.1Scarcity means that we cannot have all the needs and wants to satisfy our desires. Scarcity can be applied to almost anything. Due to the scarcity of products we must make a choice of what we want. We must choose whether to do one thing or another by what we value to be most important to us. This, therefore, leads to us opportunity cost. Usually when one has to make a decision over what to do, buy, or build, it is narrowed down to two things. We might choose what satisfies our desires, what is more economical, or what is needed more. The choice that we do not take is our opportunity cost, the choice that we value†¦show more content†¦As shown on the diagram below if the government only builds schools then they are at point A, which means they are not building libraries, therefore not allocating resources. If they concentrate only on building libraries, and not schools, then they are at po int E. In order to build both they would need to place themselves at points B, C, and D. At point B there is a bigger production of schools and a small production of libraries. At point D, there is a larger production of libraries and a smaller production of schools. The most effective point would be C because they would concentrate all their efforts on both schools and libraries and therefore have the best allocation of resources and have no opportunity cost. All these factors combined are essential to making better economical decisions for any society. The production possibility curve helps deicide more efficient ways to distribute resources. Businesses and government have to find all the different possibilities, study them, and make the best decision on what is best to produce and what would bring in more profit. Opportunity cost can also help us understand what products a consumer might choose to buy and the best price for the product. This can also help companies decide on bett er ways to proceed with sales. The free market is a well-advanced state of economy in a society. Through this marketShow MoreRelatedChallenges Faced By International Businesses Essay1506 Words   |  7 PagesInternational Businesses to seek for opportunity and chance to expand their business to a wider marketplace. There are many ways for international businesses to seek those opportunities, such as through exporting goods and services, starting a joint venture with a company, opening a branch for distributing goods, and giving license to produce goods. From these ways to seek opportunities, there are basically three major motives, such as resource seeking, market seeking, and efficiency seeking, whereRead MoreThe Cost Of Opportunity Cost1108 Words   |  5 PagesOpportunity cost can be defined as the price of a substitute that might be forgone in order to pursue an assured action. The forgone cost. Opportunity cost can also be defined as the best forgone alternative in a scenari o where a decision had to be made between some many mutually exclusive or inclusive alternatives (Mankiw, 2009). Simply put opportunity cost is what one is missing out when they make a choice. I could be watching a game of European Soccer or watching a rerun episode of Game of ThronesRead MoreThe Market1000 Words   |  4 PagesThe Market 1. Explain the concepts of Comparative and Absolute Advantage. Having absolute advantage is the way to go; this is a win, win situation. For a country or company to have absolute advantage is a dream made in heaven. It is like winning a million dollars at poker while betting only five bucks. This is the perfect situation where the production of goods is being produced at a lower cost, but with the same resources. Absolute Advantage can also be achieved by having a higher productivityRead MoreEthiopi An Attractive Investment Opportunity For Business Looking Into A New Market Essay1384 Words   |  6 Pagesan attractive investment opportunity for business looking to enter a new market. With respect to trade, it provide a lucrative opportunity for investors. Ethiopia enjoys a number of preferential access to market under the EU and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). Located in the North-Eastern part of Africa known as â€Å"Horn of Africa† Ethiopia lies at the cross-road between Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Ethiop ia is one of the largest domestic markets in Africa due to its largeRead MoreUsa Today and Wall Street Journal Swot1643 Words   |  7 PagesOutside the WSJ 9. Short Distribution to Circulators Weaknesses 1. Decline of Paper Reading 2. Availability of Free Online Articles Before Subscription 3. Lack of Youth Appeal- Average Age is 50 Years Old 4. More of A Domestic Newspaper Compared to the WSJ, offered in London and a few select cities 5. Wide Range of Coverage That Does Not Target One Market Segment 6. More Popular in Lower Income Families (under $80,000) 7. Use Of Google Ads 8. Competition From TV and RadioRead MoreMarket For Live Rock Concerts1455 Words   |  6 Pages5A. The graph below assumes the data in chart 3 â€Å"Ticket sales revenue is climbing steadily† by Pollstar was quoted in 2008 dollars and includes only the 100 highest-grossing tours. Supply/Demand Diagram for Changes in Market for Live Rock Concerts (1998-2008): 5B. Economists use cross elasticity of demand to determine whether two products are substitutes or complements. The cross elasticity of demand measures how quantity demanded of one good (albums) responds to a change in the price for anotherRead MoreRent Control Is An Interesting Topic Within Economics960 Words   |  4 PagesRent control has the ability to exponentially benefit or destroy cities. Rent control is a government enacted set of policies set in place in order to essentially make housing affordable for people incapable of paying the high free market price. In this essay, I will discuss the long and short term consequences of rent control; whom rent controls affect, how it affects these people and I will discuss the rent control in Ontario. Rent control is an interesting topic within economics. According toRead MoreThe Effects Of Free Trade On Economic And Social Human Rights1371 Words   |  6 PagesFree trade can be defined as the abolition of trade barriers and trade restrictions, and the encouragement of international trade. Free trade gives countries the ability to trade with markets that would have previously been unavailable, thus integrating and diversifying economies (Borghard, 2006, pg. 161). Free trade in practice, has negative and positive consequences for workers as well as consumers. While free trade agreements stimulate and build economies, this is often done at the expense ofRead MoreGlobalization Of The Marketplace Has Brought About Costs And Benefits For All Countries And Industries1247 Words   |  5 PagesRegionalism Briefing Introduction The globalization of the marketplace has brought about costs and benefits for all countries and industries. A main benefit of globalization for producers, like the those of us in the manufacturing industry is access to more customers however, competition also increases which decreases the potential for sales. Economic integrations are a part of global business that look to increase the efficiency of resources. Economic integrations and trading blocs are institutedRead MoreCase Report for Midland Energy Resources, Inc: Cost of Capital1187 Words   |  5 Pagesdoes Mortensen estimate Midlands cost of capital? What would be the potential consequences of a too high estimate compared to the firms â€Å"true† cost of capital? What about a too low estimate? The purpose is that the cost capital will be used for capital budgeting, financial accounting, performance assessment, stock repurchases estimations. Also the cost of capital is a necessary basis for the expected growth and forecasted demand. The too high estimated cost of capital means that Midland may miss

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