Sunday, May 24, 2020

Argumentative Essay on the Electoral College

Argumentative Essay on the Electoral CollegeAn argumentative essay on the electoral college should begin with an examination of the principles of democracy. Most citizens understand the fundamental premise of the election system, and what the electoral college is designed to prevent.The electoral college is a machine designed to guarantee that certain states with large populations do not get a large number of representatives. Since this system was first put into place, the number of states with high populations has decreased significantly. That's not the point, however.The point is that we need to return to common sense, because it isn't going to be any more common than it was in 1789. As they say, 'common sense is a dangerous thing' as it might lead us to actions that are illegal or immoral. In this case, most people know that the electoral college does not discriminate against a state based on its population size.However, many do not realize that it is still a form of discriminatio n, and that it could easily be abused in a way that would violate common sense. If a political party has gotten enough votes in a state, then they have 'won' it, which requires them to be sent there. On the other hand, if there is a large number of votes for one candidate, but only a small number of votes for another candidate, then the latter will have won, because they have received a larger number of votes.An argumentative essay on the electoral college must also argue that the real purpose of this system is to benefit a political party and to prevent the democratic process from functioning. The electors are bound by law to vote according to the results of the popular vote in their state. In such a case, they could very well vote for one candidate over another simply because they would benefit from doing so.Voters in the state concerned about the abuse of the electoral college should challenge this in court, as there is no real remedy to prevent this. Once a state becomes covered , the chances of the abuse decreasing significantly is greatly reduced. What's worse, there are instances where the electors may also have had second thoughts about the integrity of the system.Voters should also be aware that if a state loses the popular vote by a significant margin, then it will automatically lose its electors. In this case, it is impossible to guarantee that the states that do not lose will not lose, as they are bound by law to do so.An argumentative essay on the electoral college should be written with the truth in mind. Many voters may agree with the goals of a group, but that doesn't mean they don't take part in the democratic process.

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