Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Piggy Essay Example for Free

Piggy Essay Piggy was the most technical and constructional boy in his group. Piggy represented technology, which must be built upon the basis of order of civilization. Under Ralph’s unstable rule, Piggy’s words were not listened. Because things that directly affect their daily life, such as safe food and concern of monster, were more important than hopes to be rescued, people overlooked Piggy’s opinions. Under barbarian society, technology was never used for its adequate purpose. When power takes over order, Piggy was abused frequently, for he was not an important source of dictator’s interest. Piggy frequently argued about Jack’s decisions, and, someday, Piggy would harm dictator’s position, with his practical methods to be rescued. First of all, Piggy had many useful items and smart idea to use them wisely for everyone. His glasses were the only method to make signal to outside of the island. He guaranteed warm, safe night and food as well. While superstitious rumor were merged from each boy, Piggy suggested another signal on the beach. By his death, he remembered his initial goal, to be rescued, while other boys were fallen in the lawless human nature. His actions were not only for himself, but also for everyone. As being a vestige of lost human civilization, he tried to remind boys the hope of being rescued, and to be organized. However, Piggy’s opinions were not convincing to uncivilized boys, who wanted plans that can make improvements in their lives immediately, but not a preparation that would gradually lead them toward better outcome. Second of all, Piggy had no leadership, because he was physically not appealing, and was not clever enough to send his messages explicitly. He had no interest in playing with other boys, so he did not have any friend, who could support his opinion. He spoke out his opinion regardless of others’ when something does not work in his mind. Most of conversations Piggy had were scolding others, like adult disciplining children. Having anything that would return other boy’s minds, Piggy became an irritant to other boys. Later, he was disregarded by other boys. Therefore, as he was disregarded, his saying also had only a little power. If only he showed his politeness and diligence like an adult, boys would have relied on Piggy. Last of all, Piggy developed plots by making a new topic in the group. He was a strong supporter of Ralph; accordingly he deepened the conflict between barbarism and civilization. He suggested practical and reasonable opinions that deserve to be praised in the civilized society. However, he was deserted and ignored by barbarism. In the correspondence with the theme, Piggy amplified the bad aspect of barbarism. Every boy was adapted in civilized world, but possessed savage instinct as well. Piggy did the job of the symbol of vestige of civilization after barbarism overwhelmed civilization. Golding advanced the theme with Piggy, by showing reckless behavior of boys, pretending to be civilized, but illustrating barbarism. Piggy was outstanding in thinking, but poor in eloquence. He deserves to be praised that Piggy did not care of other’s ungrounded blames, so he suggested his proper opinions. However, it is definitely wrong that Piggy didn’t consider other’s mind. However, Golding used Piggy in a sense that how people these days in a civilization may not care for others’ feelings and be selfish, but smart and effective in other way.

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