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Intercultural Interview - 1422 Words

INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN COMMUNICATION Ââ€" SPRING 2007 PROFESSOR CIRAULO INTERCULTURAL INTERVIEW PAPER ASSIGNMENT: Achieving competence as an interpersonal communicator in a diverse society is necessary to your personal and professional success. One way to enhance our understanding of interpersonal communication as a relationship-building activity is to engage in first hand dialogue with people from cultures other than your own. This assignment gives you the opportunity to engage in the dual perspective Ââ€" honoring the perspective of the person with whom you are communicating as well as honoring your own perspective. You are also able to contrast your worldview with the perspective of someone with a different life experience than your†¦show more content†¦Therefore, it is important that you: 1) construct your interview questions carefully, 2) ask your interviewees to expand on their answers (perhaps come up with some follow-up questions), and 3) use paraphrasing and active, mindful listening to make sure you understand the perspective of your interviewee. Keep in mind that the quality of your paper directly depends on the quality of your interviews. Plan and prepare for your interviews carefully. You should seriously consider doing one or more follow-up interviews to clear up any points about which you are unclear after having thought about them post-interview. PAPER ORGANIZATION: Structure your paper as follows, with each of the separate sections labeled in bold type: INTRODUCTION Use this section to provide your reader with brief information on the three concepts you selected (no need to explain the concepts in their entirety), why you selected these particular concepts, background information about the culture with which you identify, information about your interviewees and the culture with which they identify and anything that serves as introduction. This section should be detailed and brief Ââ€" about  ½ to  ¾ of a full page. CONCEPT #1: (NAME OF CONCEPT) In this section, briefly describe the first concept you chose to analyze. Then, list the first culture you chose to explore and explain, in detail, how the concept is used by members of that culture (incorporate information you gainedShow MoreRelatedIntercultural Interview Essay709 Words   |  3 PagesFor the intercultural interview, I decided to interview my friend Medelyn, a 19 year old female of Honduran and Mexican descent. During the interview, I focused on her Honduran culture, as she was born in Honduras, I asked her a multitude of various questions ranging from formalities in her culture to gender roles to classism in her culture.. The interview lasted about twenty minutes, I asked her about fifteen questions, and after she answered each question there would be a small discussion aboutRead MoreCoaching Interviews : Common Threads1079 Words   |  5 PagesCoaching Interviews: Common Threads – Different but Yet the Same When I reflect on the beginning of my journey as a Christian, I fondly recall the warm and secure blanket of love and guidance I received from Ms. Mackey, a well-seasoned member of my church congregation. She took me under her wings, and provided me with a safe haven where I could glean from her wisdom, experience and become motivated to serve. Eventually, I was mature enough to fly away; and, fly away I did! This was one of the bestRead MoreThe Discrimination Of A Male Dominant Company1888 Words   |  8 Pagesmade up of mostly men and maybe about 5% women. Working in a male dominant company can be difficult for any woman. However, my first interviewee Anusha remains strong doesn t let anyone push her around which was one of the reasons I decided to interview her. What I first noticed about both interviewees were that they were both so pleased to be in America. I sometimes feel as if Americans take living in America for granted, we never truly understand what it feels like to be without. Both of my interviewees’Read MoreDiscuss The 11 Common Areas Of Intercultural Misunderstanding1957 Words   |  8 Pages Case Study Analysis: Discuss the 11 Common Areas of Intercultural Misunderstanding Mirlande Jean-Pierre Davenport University MGMT 535 – Spring 1 2015 Dr. Beverly Pierce June 20, 2015) â€Æ' Abstract Nowadays, many companies have prompted business establishments to expand its network across cultures so that they can keep up being culturally competence in the internal business world (Vennapoosa, C., 2012, July). The importance of cross-cultural competence skill is becoming progressivelyRead MoreUnderstanding The Experiences Of Karishma Zafar Essay1969 Words   |  8 Pagesdiverse world, intercultural communication skills have become more relevant and significant. It is crucial to avoid ignorance, hatred and discrimination and instead, adapt and integrate for harmonious interactions. This essay will discuss the experiences of Karishma Zafar, an Indian who migrated to New Zealand, in relation to intercultural communication concepts such as attributions, its characteristics, misattributions and attribution errors. It will also discuss Bennet’s intercultural sensitivityRead MoreIntercultural Marriage Is Not Just A Union Between Two Cultures827 Words   |  4 PagesIn addition to these basic problems, another major issue ascends about religion. Intercultural marriage is not just a union between two cultures, but also of two religions. Many a times, marriages face a breakup or divorce just because the two are not able to unite in terms of their respective religions. In such a situation, one partner either endure their own religion or change their preferences for the other. But, then they might have quarrels on religious matters when it comes to family or forRead MoreIvey – Development of a Multi-National Personnel Selection System2637 Words   |  11 Pagesimplementing a two-tiered system.12 The first tier consists of three modules. Firstly, viewing the candidates’ application documents. Second, conducting a telephone interview and thirdly, obtaining references from three former employees. The second tier is separated into four modules. A panel interview, biography-oriented, in-depth interview, simulated group exercise and testing respectiv ely13. In my opinion a simulated group exercise is especially a strength, as it shows how an applicant works in teamRead MoreIntercultural Competence Of International Recruiters37.9088 Words   |  37 PagesINTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE OF INTERNATIONAL RECRUITERS 37 Literature Review Studies of intercultural competence over the past thirty years attempt to measure the success or growth of an individual’s knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to other cultures (Sinicrope, Norris Watanabe, 2007). Global learning outcomes such as intercultural communication skills, intercultural adaptability, intercultural sensitivity, intercultural maturity, and intercultural competence are skills that universitiesRead MoreIntercultural Communication At A Multicultural Classroom Essay2236 Words   |  9 Pages Intercultural communication case study report in a multicultural classroom in Brisbane metropolitan Name Course Institution Tutor Theoretical background of the study There are various global and local issues which relate to culture which have brought a lot of controversies on whether children should directly engage themselves with people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. This is very important for the tutors who teach students on the way of interacting withRead MoreCross Cultural Theories Are Effective And Based On Evaluations2300 Words   |  10 Pagesapproach deals with â€Å"the learning of information or skills from a lecture-type orientation† (Mendenhall et al., 1987, p. 339). Its general assumption is â€Å"knowledge increases empathy, and empathy will modify behavior in such a way as to improve intercultural relationships† (Campbell, 1969, p. 3). Tung’s Area Studies and Brislin, Landis, and Brandt’s (1983) fact-orientation training fit into this category. The fact-orientation, supported by Brislin et al. (1983), resembles Tung’s Area Studies (1981

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